Modigent Announces National Leadership Team to Drive Strategic Growth on Enterprise Level

Newly Appointed National Vice Presidents Aim to Strengthen Company’s Market Position and Enhance Operational Efficiency

PHOENIX, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As part of a strategic initiative aimed at continuous growth and expansion, Modigent, a prominent player in the infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions sectors, is proud to introduce a select group of National Vice Presidents within its leadership structure. Each of these executives takes on distinct roles, critical to advancing Modigent’s overarching mission. This initiative is a pivotal step towards successfully incorporating newly acquired entities into the company’s dynamic enterprise and framework.

Scott Meeker, Chief Operating Officer of Modigent said: “At the heart of these changes is our commitment to preserving and enhancing corporate culture. Our approach to growth extends beyond mere geographical expansion. It’s about harmonizing diverse entities, fostering innovation, embracing shared values and ultimately, enriching communities. To accomplish this, we needed a dedicated team to streamline the efforts across our enterprise. These individuals play an integral role in realizing this vision, leveraging their extensive expertise to propel our mission forward.”

The new National Vice Presidents bring a wealth of experience to their roles:

Brandon Hunt as Vice President of Sales & Marketing will drive Modigent’s growth strategies to maximize market presence and build brand value. Brandon will provide leadership for sales strategies, working closely with Regional and Operating Companies’ teams to execute market-specific sales plans.

Steve Kallan as Vice President of Service Operations will lead strategies and activities aimed at boosting Service revenues, collaborating closely with Regional and Operating Companies’ leadership teams to implement growth strategies tailored to their market locations. Additionally, Steve will provide corporate support and leadership to Operating Companies’ service business leaders, assisting in the execution of the organization’s strategic goals and direction.

Mike Dambrose as Vice President of Project Operations will direct strategies to enhance revenues and efficiencies, collaborating closely with Regional and Operating Companies’ leadership teams to implement project-specific strategies. Additionally, Mike will offer corporate support and leadership to Operating Companies’ business leaders, assisting in the pursuit of strategic goals aimed at best-in-class operations.

Taylor Morales as Vice President of Human Resource Operations will play a key role in the shaping and enhancement of Modigent’s recruitment and corporate culture building strategies, fostering a dynamic and supportive workplace. Her expertise will be instrumental in not only attracting top talent but also in nurturing a company culture that aligns with Modigent’s vision, making it an even more attractive and impactful organization in the market.

Matt Niemczak as Vice President of Integration Operations takes responsibility for overseeing the seamless integration of new acquisitions and their operational processes. With his strategic leadership, Modigent will ensure that each acquisition becomes an integral part of the organization, maximizing synergies and efficiency.

Eric Peterson as Vice President of Finance will provide leadership in the area of financial planning and analysis, driving fiscal strategies to support Modigent’s growth objectives on a national scale. His data-driven insights and financial expertise play a pivotal role in steering the company towards sustained financial success and expansion.

These appointments reflect Modigent’s commitment to assembling a team of leaders with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, all poised to make a substantial impact on the company’s future success. “I’m grateful for this team of professionals and the pivotal roles they play in our growth as we expand our presence and capabilities,” added Meeker.

While the Modigent brand was formally introduced to the industry in the summer of 2023, the company itself has a rich history of excellence in infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions, through the work of its operating companies. Prior to the market introduction as Modigent, the company’s journey was marked by a series of strategic moves, including the successful execution of 20 acquisitions, resulting in a portfolio of 13 specialized brands operating across 17 key markets in the USA.

The national, enterprise-level team brings a combined experience from the previous operating companies as well as new additions of industry leaders.

Daniel Bueschel, Modigent’s CEO, emphasized how these changes align with the company’s strategic vision, stating, “We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our people, our clients, and the communities we live and work in. I deeply appreciate the talents and the dedication of the team we’ve assembled.”

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