Modigent Continues Momentum, Expands and Establishes Strong Industry Presence

August 2, 2023
In just a month since its market debut, Modigent has emerged as a notable player in next-generation infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions, propelling its growth and establishing a strong foothold from coast to coast through strategic acquisitions.

Prior to its rebranding as Modigent in June 2023, the company executed a series of impactful acquisitions, such as Comfort & Process Solutions (CPS) and WN Kirkland, to bolster its presence in the southeast, while the acquisition of Countywide Mechanical enabled Modigent to extend its reach into the California market, solidifying its position in the west.

Modigent’s growth trajectory is driven by its commitment to seeking out and integrating new operating companies into its portfolio. By leveraging the strengths of these acquisitions, Modigent aims to broaden its service offerings and explore new vertical markets. The company’s vision is supported by a strategic collaboration with OMERS Private Equity, aligning both entities’ long-term value creation and social responsibility goals.

Daniel Bueschel, CEO of Modigent, emphasized the company’s growth strategy: “We see two key elements driving our expansion: strategic acquisitions and market expansion. Building upon the successes of our operating companies is central to our approach. As we move into the 2023-24 fiscal year, we are committed to further expansion in the southeast and southwest regions.”

In tandem with its acquisition strategy, Modigent places significant emphasis on investing in its people. The company has implemented comprehensive technical, sales, and leadership training programs, empowering its employees to excel in their roles.

Bueschel further emphasized the company’s culture: “Under the Modigent banner, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of service, collaboration and teamwork. Our passion drives our success, both for Modigent and our customers.”
Looking ahead, Modigent will streamline its branding while allowing operating companies to highlight their individual strengths. This approach aims to strengthen the company’s position as a cohesive and powerful force in the industry.
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About Modigent
Modigent provides next-generation infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions, driving innovation and growth nationwide. With a portfolio of specialized brands, each a strong player in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Controls Systems industry, Modigent operates across key markets in the USA. Guided by a culture of service, collaboration, and integrity, Modigent sets the highest standards while fostering a sustainable work environment. To explore Modigent’s offerings, locations, culture, and career opportunities, please visit


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