Parker County Courthouse

Infinity has had a long history with Parker County and, more specifically, with the Historic Courthouse on the island square in the center of the traffic circle in Weatherford. This building was previously retrofitted with DX air conditioning units that surrounded the building. In the early 2000’s, when the historical commission decided that this needed to be corrected, the team at Infinity was part of the renovation that provided a chilled water system. The system consisted of a Multi-stack chiller installed in one of the cupola’s as a mechanical room and a chilled water system with fan coil units throughout the building. Fast forward 20 years, a new solution was needed and the customer decided that replacing the water-cooled machine with an air-cooled chiller was the next solution they wanted. The difference is they wanted the new plant installed three city blocks away, on the other side of a state highway. Our team managed and successfully performed the entire the scope that consisted of the mechanical install, several thousand feet of underground piping, controls, conduit, asphalt demo and replacement, landscape and concrete parking.